• Hospitality Industry

    One Call Truly Does It All

    Micah Services Inc. is committed to upholding high standards for our hospitality clients. Our Pest Management Programs for Hotels and Resorts are as diverse as the clients themselves. We strive to provide solutions for each property that fits their needs. Some of our quality services include:

    Bed Bug Canine Inspections:

    Micah Services Inc. is one of the founding companies to enlist the services of a Bed Bug Canine. Used in our relentless pursuit of Bed Bugs, we now have Seven well trained canines that provide a remarkable and valuable inspection service to our clients. We have the capability of inspecting your units Annually, Bi-Annually, Quarterly, or Bi-Monthly basis. Our Proactive Bed bug Canine Inspection services have helped many hospitality properties to find the insects before a guest.

    Bed Bug Heat Treatments:

    Providing a fast kill solution to Bed Bug infestations has been a goal of Micah Services for over a decade. We are proud to offer Heat Remediation Services for the Hospitality Industry. Our Heat Treatment services are second to none. Implementing Temp-Air Thermal Remediation equipment with steam and State approved pesticides has given us an extreme advantage over Bed Bugs. Our Qualified Bed Bug Treatment Technicians have gone through months of training and are well versed in all types of treatment processes for the elimination of Bed Bugs. Our Multi-Step Bed Bug treatment process can have your rooms back on line in as little as one day! That is a significant savings for your property. No more having your rooms down for weeks at a time for conventional pesticide treatments. No more throwing away furniture and bedding. With our treatment services we not only save you money by having your rooms back online quickly and efficiently, we save your property even more money by eliminating the insects within the furnishings. Being efficient and cost minded is what we are all about. Give us a call for complete treatment details.

    Bed Bug Education for Your Staff:

    Micah Services Inc. has designed training classes for your staff. We take great pride in educating your team members all about Bed Bugs. With online class that your staff can take at their leisure, or planned onsite presentations and demonstrations, we can have your entire staff learning all the steps to being pro-active in the fight against bed bugs.

    Developing Hospitality Protocol:

    Micah Services Inc. has developed a long line of hotel and resort protocols, from Housekeeping and Laundry to Front Desk to Manager on Duty, Micah Services can help you develop a working Protocol for your entire staff. Developing a plan of action for when bed bugs are found can mean the difference of confining the issue or having it spread. Our job is to help reduce the spread and liability that comes with such an elusive insect such as a bed bug.