• Hotels

    We take extreme pride in serving the Hospitality Industry in a discreet manner. Our many programs are designed to keep the safety of your guests as our highest priority. We offer Weekly, and Monthly Services to keep all types of insects form entering your establishments. We are also on your side when it comes to limiting your liability from infestations of Bed Bugs. We have many trained and certified Bed Bug Canine Detection Teams to search each of your rooms on a quarterly basis to help you find the Bed Bugs before a guest is bitten. We also employ the State of the art Temp-Air Heat Remediation Systems for the elimination of Bed Bugs. This system allows us to treat everything in the room with no assistance from your staff. We handle everything from start to finish. We bag all of the linens, and prep the rooms so your staff does not have to contact the insects and risk spreading them to another unit. When all of the Bugs are dead and the treatment has ended, we put the room back together. Then the room is ready for linens and the next guest. An entire treatment takes only one day and the room is back online. Our treatments are extremely cost effective and every treatment is guaranteed for at least 6 months. If the bugs come back in any treated unit, so will we and we will re-treat it at no charge. Now that’s a guarantee we can stand behind. Customer satisfaction is our priority one.