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Bed Bugs

Are you noticing red, itchy bumps after a night in bed? Have you ever looked under your mattress? If you notice rust colored stains you may have a bed bug infestation. Bed Bugs are a small pest making a big comeback in the United States. Bed bugs travel and spread, easily. They are no reflection on the sanitation of your home or business.

Bed Bug Extermination Solutions

Micah Services is the premier pest management company serving all of Florida. We offer dependable, flexible, and effective residential and commercial bed bug treatments and extermination services. Clients can choose from a range of preventive and responsive pest management services and solutions, all delivered by trained and dedicated pest control professionals. We can fix your bed bug problem and help you get rid of bed bugs.


Pest Control

We have creative and well-tested methods of eliminating any insect that can infest your home in the State of Florida. From roaches and ants to termites and bed bugs, even mice and wildlife, we have a solution to what’s bugging you! Give us a call for a free consultation and one of our experienced technicians will assist you with developing a plan to rid your house of the invaders. Our Customers are our most important assets, and we treat you as such. We are happy that you are considering our quality services and honored that you trust us to secure your home from pests.

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How do I choose a termite control service?

Micah Services has been helping homeowners protect their homes and property for over 10 years, with over 25 years of pest control experience. We remain committed to being the best termite control provider in the region based on a rigorous philosophy of leadership and excellence.

  • We carefully select our termite control technology based on uncompromising standards of efficacy and safety.
  • We cultivate longstanding relationships with our customers and our communities based on quality and satisfaction.
  • We combine professional skill and customer care to deliver high-value, responsive service.
  • We provide a tightly-knit, highly trained termite team that is dependable and results-oriented.

Do I need to worry about termites?

Termites are responsible for an estimated $5 billion of damage every year in the United States and more than 5 million homes have some type of termite problem. In the Mid-Atlantic, designated as a region with “heavy” termite activity, termite control is essential for any homeowner concerned with asset protection.

Subterranean Termites are wood destroying insects that cause significant structural damage if they remain undetected and untreated. Because termite damage is not typically covered by insurance, repairs can be costly.

Termites live in underground colonies, tunneling undetected through the soil into a structure. Because of their subterranean nature, an infestation may go undetected for some time. But there are warning signs of an active termite infestation including:

  • Winged insects, called “swarmers” in or around your home or winged parts scattered around your doors or windows.
  • Mud tubes leading from the ground to a piece of infested wood or up the foundation walls.
  • Damage to wood or other cellulose materials.

Should I purchase termite control if there is no evidence of a current infestation?

In today’s real estate market, asset protection is a necessity. Preventive termite programs can resolve hidden infestations and prevent future problems including damage and repair costs. Preventive treatments are often offered at a cost savings to our homeowners, adding to the value of the program.

What are my treatment options?

Micah Services offers a proven termite control measure to protect your home. Termidore termite control is the best product possible to eliminate termite infestions. We install bait stations at intervals around your home and monitor them for termite activity. Once termites invade a station we apply a bait to effect colony elimination. Please visit the website at www.termidorehome.com. Our conventional treatment is an effective barrier defense around the perimeter of your home using a state-of-the-art non-repellant termiticide.

Micah Services INC.
Micah Services INC.

Wildlife Removal Service

Wild Animals can create a safety hazard in and around your home. Some animals carry disease and spread filth. We have many solutions to your wildlife problems. We can place live traps in or around your home where we can catch these critters before they do any more damage to your home or family. Give us a call to discuss your options and how we can solve your problem in a quick and professional manner.

Mosquito Control

We’ve all heard the news about the zika virus, west nile, dengue fever and other diseases carried by mosquitoes. But did you know mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths than any other animal? They are also harmful to our pets, livestock and other animals. Take back your yard, protect your family and pets while enjoying the summer with our mosquito control service! There is no longer a need to buy skin drying sprays, greasy itch creams, or expensive candles to get relief from mosquitoes. Enjoy spending time in the back yard without the worry of being bitten by those harmful and irritating creatures.

Micah Services INC.
Micah Services INC.

WDO Inspection

What Exactly is a WDO Inspection? When obtaining a mortgage or a mortgage guarantee to finance the purchase of a home, you most likely will be required to obtain a WDO inspection by the bank, the mortgage company, or the guarantor (FHA, VA, HUD, etc.). Although commonly referred to as a "termite inspection," WDO stands for "wood destroying organism," and a proper WDO inspection looks for evidence of infestation by termites (both subterranean and dry wood types), wood decay, wood devouring beetles, as well as evidence of past infestations, damage to wood, or conditions conducive to infestation; and evidence of past treatments.
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Lawn Service

If your Lawn isn’t green enough or is plagued by weeds and disease, Micah Services Inc. has a program that will bring your lawn back to the envy of the neighborhood. Proven blends of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides will keep the insects away and allow the grass to thrive. Micah Services Inc. uses special fertilizer blends that are blackout approved and respect the local rules and regulations of municipalities and governing bodies. Our goal is to provide our customers with a beautiful lawn while being environmentally conscience.

Micah Services INC.