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Lawn Spraying and Related Services in Titusville, FL

Do you have a lawn that you want to make beautiful or a beautiful lawn that you want to maintain? Micah Services, Inc., can help with both. We know that having a beautiful lawn takes a lot of work and effort, and we are dedicated to providing the lawn service you need to help your lawn thrive.

What Problems Do Lawns Face?

Lawns, due to a number of factors, can look unsightly, unkempt, or uneven. Problems homeowners often face with their lawns include:

  • Yellow or dead grass
  • Dirt spots
  • Uneven grass length
  • Weeds
  • Pet-damaged spots
  • Thin grass
  • Holes from pests

If any of these problems fit your lawn, then Micah Services, Inc., is the company for you.

How Do We Help Your Lawn?

Micah Services, Inc., can help your lawn become beautiful and lush.

We do this with a special blend of fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, all of which are fine to use under local municipal law.

First, we meet with you to discuss your specific needs. Whether you need a complete lawn makeover or simply want a touch-up to keep your lawn beautiful, we have the resources and training to make that happen. We will gladly answer your questions, demonstrate our products and services, and highlight you to the issues your lawn has — both obvious and hidden.

Over a variety of treatments, we can take your lawn from an embarrassment to the envy of your neighbors. We will carefully measure, test, and evaluate your lawn to ensure that our methods work as they should.

Why Choose Micah Services, Inc.?

We know you likely are frustrated by your lawn’s condition. That’s why you need expert help to overcome this issue.

As licensed lawn experts, we have the experience, tools, and training to know what’s going on with your lawn, what your lawn needs, and what your lawn will continue to need so it stays beautiful and strong.

We look forward to meeting your lawn service needs, including lawn spraying, in Titusville, FL. Call us today at (877) 225-4950.